Why Me, Lord?

My friend Zina Oten recently asked this question. “Why me?”

My friend Zina Oten recently asked this question. “Why me?”

We all live in a fallen world. Therefore, we will all experience times of suffering. No suffering is insignificant, yet we can develop empathy toward others whose suffering is greater than ours. Most importantly, in our suffering, we usually draw closer to God.

God’s Promises in Our Pain

God does not guarantee us a pain-free life. We will face trouble (Mark 4:15; 1 Peter 4:12; Ephesians 6:13; John 16:33; 2 Timothy 2:12; Psalm 34:19). However, He does promise:

  • To help us (Isaiah 41:10).
  • To work all things together for our good (Romans 8:28).
  • To be our refuge and strength (Psalm 46:1).
  • That we can count it all joy (James 1:2).
  • That the testing of our faith works patience in us so we can be complete, lacking in nothing (James 1:2-4).
  • That we can learn obedience through suffering (Hebrews 5:8).
  • That we are overcomers who have victory (1 John 5:4).
  • To be with us through it all (Hebrews 13:5).

Help Me Jesus – My Soul is In Your Hands

American singer-songwriter and actor Kris Kristofferson released a song called “Why Me, Lord?” in 1972. It touches us all when we finally discover just how much we need Jesus Christ, His love and grace. When we accept Christ as Lord and Savior, we simultaneously experience the joy of salvation and the grief or a repentant heart. A heart that wants desperately to recover wasted time. This powerful song is for all of us, and it truly speaks to that feeling. Hear it covered by the great singer CeCe Winans below.

Other Resource – Reasons Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

One resource I highly recommend that addresses this question in more detail is Apostle Alton R. Williams’ book Reasons Why Bad Things Happen to Good People. It attempts to answer both critics and those who are seeking honest answers for this issue. The Bible offers many reasons why bad things happen not just to good people, but to people in general. This book examines some of these reasons, including: living in an imperfect world, disobedience to God, satanic resistance against God’s people, open doors to Satan, God’s purposes and plans, and lifestyle issues, to name a few.  

Again, faith in Christ is not a guarantee of a perfect life, but of a perfect eternity. And God allows things to happen for His reasons, whether or not we always understand them.  Yet, we must remember that God is good, just, loving and merciful. Regardless of what happens, all things work together for the good of those who are loved and called according to His purpose. Our reaction is not to doubt God’s goodness, but to simply trust Him.