What You Need is Already Inside You

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Legend Has It

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According to an old legend, there was once a time when all human beings were gods, but they so abused their divinity that the chief god decided to take it away from them and hide it where it could never be found.

Where to hide their divinity was the question. A council of gods got together to decide. Some suggested that the treasure be buried deep in the earth. Others suggested that it be dropped in the ocean. Still others thought about placing it on top of a mountain. But since humans were able to reach all those places, the gods gave up on these ideas.

The gods finally decided to hide humans’ divinity within the humans themselves because they would never think to look for it there. It was the perfect hiding place. Since that time, humans have been digging, diving, climbing, and exploring, searching for something already inside themselves.

From the Inside Looking Out

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After graduating from Oral Roberts University in 2007, I started helping my parents in ministry. I loved my work, but my life revolved around it. I often felt isolated from family, friends, and the world. I suffered silently. I read books, attended success conferences and events. I was motivated at first, but I still felt stuck. I was not happy.

Yet, I remembered that my dad Alton Williams once told me, “What you need is already inside you.”  You are limitless. God has wired you to succeed. It’s not about trying harder, making more effort, having more willpower or discipline. Although these activities are great, the key to revealing who you are is connecting with God in your heart.  We can do this through reading the Word, praying, being still and allowing God to speak to us, and finding a group of believers who can encourage you in your journey.

Dad also introduced me to a program by Dr. Jim Richards of Impact Ministries called Essential Heart Physics that showed me how to meet with God each day in my heart. Here God reveals who you really are. This is where transformation takes place. For more information about this ministry, please visit http://www.impactministries.com.

Our Lives Reflect Our Hearts

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I had an epiphany. The best is within us. Everything we need to succeed in life is within us. What we see within us is greater than what we see and pursue around us. Our lives are a direct reflection of what is happening in our hearts. As long as I focused on outward behavior alone, there was no lasting change. We experience transformation and success, however, when we start living from our hearts.

Based on this revelation, I started creating vision boards. Then I received a divine idea for EnVision That! on February 1, 2018 and started fleshing it out to include vision board presentations, seminars, consultations, articles, videos, and more.

God has given us everything we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). God placed treasure in us earthen vessels so that His power may be revealed in us (2 Corinthians 4:7). People cannot say “Look, here it is” or “There it is,” for the kingdom of God (or the rule of an eternal, sovereign God over all the universe) is within us (Luke 17:21).

So what vision, idea, or dream has God given you to share with the world? I would love to hear from you.

See It Before You See It

Gospel singer Karen Clark Sheard sang, “You gotta see it before you see it.”

Gospel singer Karen Clark Sheard sang the following lyrics in her hit song “My Words Have Power” – “You gotta see it before you see it.”

This lyric discusses the importance of visualization. Visualization, according to Cambridge Dictionary, is imagining or remembering someone or something by forming a picture in our minds.

Visualizing is a popular practice. The premise is that if we “see” our goal in our minds first, then we are more likely to achieve it.

This practice is validated in the Bible. According to Proverbs 23:7, as we think in our hearts, so are we. God showed Abraham the stars to give him an image of the number of descendants he would have (Genesis 15:5).

Our Brain’s Filter

This practice is also validated in science. Our brains have a “reticular activating system,” a network of neurons that filters the information we receive. It allows certain information in our brains and blocks out other information. We and others from our past programmed our filter.

If we feel unlovable, our reticular activating system will point out every instance that confirms this belief. This is why we have a confirmation bias. We love to read articles we agree with because it confirms our filter.

The reticular activating system is important because if we took in everything at equal value, our brains would melt down. This system protects our brain by only letting in info it agrees with.

Reprogramming Our Filter

This is why we must reprogram our brains according to the Word of God. This is the importance of looking at our vision boards daily. Our brains will spot opportunities to apply the Word. It will point out evidence that things are working out.

So for instance, if our goal is to improve our confidence, one method of doing this is to read and ponder over scriptures such as 2 Timothy 1:7 – “For God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” or Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Another way is to close our eyes and get a specific picture in our minds of what it looks like when our confidence increases. We see ourselves speaking up at work, dressing for success, setting boundaries, and taking care of ourselves.

Then we consider the positive emotions associated with these actions. We will feel proud, happy, strong, powerful, and grateful that we took these actions. Marrying this picture with these emotions trains our brains to have a totally different filter.

Our brains don’t know the difference between what actually happened to us and imagined memories we are creating. Our brains experience visualizing as real memories. This changes our reticular activating systems.

Benefits of Visualization

The more we visualize, the greater our confidence and security. Simply visualizing ourselves doing things help us develop and improve the skills as if we are actually doing it. We believe what we think because we are reprogramming and changing our brains.

The more we believe in ourselves, the more confident we become, the more skills we build, and we will actually do it. Our brains will seek opportunities to do what we have in our minds.

I review my 2019 vision board regularly. To date, I have already touched 10 of the 20 items on my board. I see my goals first in my mind, then I take action and see them become reality.

How has visualization impacted your life? If you have not already started this practice, I encourage you to try it and share your results.

EnVision That! Vision Casting

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On February 1, 2018, while driving down the street, I heard the phrase “EnVision That”  in my head. So I set to work fleshing out the idea. Since then, the idea has evolved from simply creating vision boards to coaching others in how to tap into God’s visions for their lives.

EnVision That is taking shape, but in a different way than I “envisioned” (pun intended).  I am holding the vision but trusting the process. This is totally new to me. Along the way, I have experienced several missteps (ex: selling vision boards is a no-go because of image copyright concerns) and victories (ex: gospel singer Jonathan McReynolds’ vision board hangs in his studio). Yet, I’m just putting one foot in front of the other and trusting Jesus to light my path.

I am so excited about taking this journey with you. I encourage you to write down your ideas, make them plain with a vision board, booklet, or other format where you can see them each day, and then act on them. You never know where they could lead!

Trecie Williams