Super Bowl #Goals vs. Habits

Today (Sunday, February 3, 2019), the New England Patriots play

Today (Sunday, February 3, 2019), the New England Patriots play the Los Angeles Rams in the 53rd annual Super Bowl. Both teams aspire to the goal of winning the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy and ring.

The New England Patriots play the Los Angeles Rams in the 53rd annual Super Bowl on Sunday, February 3, 2019.

Both teams have made plans, practiced and played football for six straight months, tuned out the naysayers, listened to coaches, mentors, and other team members they respect, communicated with each other, focused on their goal, traded fatty foods and late nights for clean eating and early mornings, and gave their all at every game. Their habits will empower one of these teams to win the Super Bowl. In the same way, our habits empower us to achieve our goals.

In my family, we do a Secret Santa drawing among our siblings. My only wish for Christmas 2018 was to achieve some personal goals, but I had to know my Secret Santa ahead of time so the person could hold me accountable. My brother and T.R.A.P. Fitness CEO Alton Jr. pulled my name and served as my coach from October December 2018. He was an excellent source of wisdom and encouragement for me. This process proved to be a great learning and growing experience.

Alton Williams, Jr., CEO of TRAP Fitness

I achieved several goals, including tackling his workout plan, finishing a graphic design boot camp, and finishing The Purpose Driven Life book by Rick Warren. I also made significant progress toward other items such as cleaning my second office, posting items on Instagram, and starting graphic design boot camp part 2. I also tried new things such as the stair master at the gym, posting videos about my story, and showing my work online. As a result, I gained new opportunities. I designed signs, promo cards, banners, and flyers, hosted vision board parties, and currently serve as an Adelphe So-Royalty big sister.  

More importantly, I formed some habits since October that will help me achieve more of my personal and professional goals (praying, meditating, reading, exercise/movement, watching and listening to uplifting recordings, drinking water, and eating more healthy foods).

Our personal goals are great markers of success to aspire to, but our habits will determine whether we reach and maintain those goals. Our habits form and define our lives. Nothing changes our future like our habits. By dealing with the habits, in many cases, the goals take care of themselves.

For instance, the goal of cleaning our room for company is great, but developing the habit of making up our bed every morning is even better. Setting a goal to write a book is great. Writing one page a day, however, will ensure that the book gets done.

The secret of achieving Gods vision for our lives is found in our daily routine. So what are we doing today to get us closer to the tomorrow we want to have? Comment below. Id love to celebrate your progress with you :).