Potential vs. Purpose

Which one is more important to fulfill? Potential or purpose?

Which one is more important to fulfill? Potential or purpose? The answer makes an eternal difference.

My vision for 2018 was to make room, which called for expansion. One way I wanted to do this was by participating in the Ashley Stewart contest. To prep for this event, I did a photoshoot with photographer Brandon Williams, stylist Tenia Taylor, and makeup artist Ryshonda “Peaches” Harris at Crosstown Concourse on Saturday, May 26, 2018.

I also posted the following video for the contest and planned to attend the July 20-21 dates in Atlanta.

Each day, I was detained. On Friday, July 20, I was headed to Atlanta after an appointment with my mom. The appointment lasted longer than expected, and I would not make it to Atlanta in time for the meet and greet.

I tried again on July 21, 2018, but before I left, Mom asked, “Trecie, did you get your car checked out?” In all my preparation, I had not done this. My car is fairly new, but I knew she was right. I realized could not get my car checked out or make it to the fashion show in time.

I was salty about the situation because my Ashley Stewart plans fell through. So I went instead to get my hair done. The beauty shop owner introduced herself to me. It was a joy to meet and greet her. Later, the owner’s friend approached me and said that the owner wanted prayer but did not know how to ask. I called the owner over to talk further with her about her concerns. She said she was dealing with some spiritual issues in her shop. I gave her two of my parents’ books: Spiritual Warfare Against Evil Altars and Covenants by Apostle Alton R. Williams and Conquering Crises at Work by Elder Sherrilyn Williams. She said the books were just what she needed. I then realized why I did not make it to Atlanta.

There’s a lot we can do. But what we can do and what we should do are two different things.

Pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Church said that Jesus did not fulfill His potential. He fulfilled His purpose. He had all the gifts and could have started his own synagogue, started his own business, and/or done many different activities. Yet, He knew He was here to live, die, and be raised again for all humanity.

In the case of my experience with Ashley Stewart, the contest was potential, but sharing with the beauty salon owner was purpose.

When God’s purpose cross our plans, then our plans must die.

Many are the plans of our hearts, but the Lord’s purpose prevails (Proverbs 19:21).

I have made many plans over the years that have crumbled in the face of God’s ultimate purpose. The Ashley Stewart event was one of them. So I have learned to write my plans in pencil and hand God the eraser. His purpose always turns out better than any plan I could imagine.

When have you yielded to God’s plan instead of yours? What were the results? I would love to hear from you.Tagged Alton R. WilliamsAshley StewartAtlantabeauty salonBrandon WilliamsConquering Crises at WorkCrosstown ConcourseMichael ToddpotentialpurposeRyshonda HarrisSherrilyn WilliamsSpiritual Warfare Against Evil Altars and CovenantsTenia TaylorTransformation Church