Life Without Vision vs. Life With Vision

The 2006 movie Failure to Launch depicted the misadventures

Life Without Vision

The 2006 movie Failure to Launch depicted the misadventures of a 35-year-old man who still lived with his parents, enjoying the comforts of home with no interest in leaving the nest. He seemingly drifted through life with no vision for his future. Failure to launch is a very real inability, either from desire or lack of preparation, to leave home and begin a journey toward a self-supported life. One main symptom of this problem is a lack of vision. A life without vision is a life without destiny.

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Life With Vision

As a young college student, Lucinda Cross made a bad choice that landed her in prison. Instead of becoming another sad statistic, however, she learned from her mistake, took control of her life, and built a better future for herself.

Today she is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, life coach, and speaker and who has been featured on such prestigious media outlets as ABC, NBC, Black Enterprise, Essence Magazine and many more.  She attributes her success to vision boards and has literally built her business around them.

Cross empowers and motivates women to build businesses from their personal experiences.  She helps them lead lives of “fire, fun and freedom” just like hers.

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