How Am I Doing?

Ed Koch served as mayor of New York City from ......

My friend and mentor Chris Putman recently asked this question.

Ed Koch served as mayor of New York City from 1978 – 1989. He often asked his constituents, ”How am I doing??” It was his way of checking the people’s pulse while he was in office and between elections.

This is a simple, smart way to recognize that:

  • everything has a rhythm
  • everything changes
  • where we are now, where we want to be, and where we need to be are usually not the same

Opportunity for Self-Reflection

This question also offers a great opportunity to self reflect. The answer will depend on how we measure our actions. For instance, we may use our vision boards to determine if we have met some of our goals. We may do a mid-year financial review to reveal the health of our relationship with money. We may look back at the previous year to celebrate our victories, mourn our losses, and find out what we want to do differently the next year.

Yet, God can offer the best answer for this question if we turn to Him. He has written a book on every one of our lives with assignments for us to accomplish during our time on earth. He invites us to check in with Him every day. In His presence, we receive the next steps for our lives. When we pray and obey what He says, then we are sure to stay on track with His plans and purposes for us.

How God Thinks We Are Doing

God’s ultimate goal for us all is to become more like His Son Jesus Christ. This lifelong process happens step by step, day by day. He cares about everything that concerns us. He cares how we are doing, but He cares more about who we become while we are doing.

During our church’s 21-day fast, I asked the Lord, “God, what is Your goal for me during this fast?” He said, “Just one -to transform you more into My Son Jesus’ image.”

Then I asked, “What can I do for you during the fast?” He said, “I care more about being with you than what you can do for me. I am committed to being with you. I just want more of you, more of your time. The more you give yourself to Me, the more I will flow through you.”

Our doing for Christ, in light of what He did for us on the cross, is simply to show our love and obedience to Him. This mindset ignites joy and inspiration instead of stress and obligation.