EnVision That! Highlights Sheronda Williams

EnVision That is proud to celebrate World Overcomers Church Outreach

Sheronda Williams celebrates her 33rd birthday today (February 7, 2019).

EnVision That is proud to celebrate World Overcomers Church Outreach Director and MoMEANTum Young Adult Director Sheronda Williams on her 33rd birthday! Sheronda…

Thank you for your tenacity in doing the will of God, no matter what the cost. I have seen you make amends with people over seemingly minute issues because you felt His nudge on the inside to do it. I see how you pray multiple times throughout the day for the people you will oversee. You mentioned one time that you felt your life was empty in terms of the desire for a traditional family. But this is because you are full of the spirit of God, and He can fill you with Himself. Your sacrifice is great. Your reward is greater. You will see supernatural signs and wonders in ways that few others will. 

Thank you for seeing the best in others. Over the last two years, the ministry God birthed through you, the MoMEANTum Young Adult Family, is making a huge impact in the Body of Christ and in the world in every sphere of influence. But this is because you followed the Lord’s leading to bring us together and to build us up week after week in Him. 

Thank you for going out of your way to make others feel special. Your special day gestures, from giving Dad and Mom a Valentine’s Day dinner to taking me on an excursion to three different states for my birthday to surprising Allison for Thanksgiving in Australia, are epic! 

Thank you for the countless ways you give and sow into the lives of others. I have seen you make trips to other cities to help those who were less fortunate. I have seen you mentor a young girl in the Big Brother Big Sister Program for nearly ten years. You hold people close to your heart, and you care so deeply. 

You are younger than me, but in so many ways, I look up to you. 33 was a landmark year for Jesus.It will be the same for you. Enjoy your special day and month! So excited to celebrate it with you!