Lessons from the Lion King

Trecie shares her favorite lessons from Disney’s masterpiece The Lion King.

I recently saw Disney’s The Lion King live action movie recently with several friends. It brought back so many memories of when I first saw the animated masterpiece in 1994. It is my favorite movie of all time, in part because of the many lessons it contains. Here are some of them:

We are all connected. The movie’s title track, Mufasa and Simba’s conversation, and Timon and Pumbaa’s banter emphasize over and over again that the animals of Pride Rock are part of the great circle of life. What happens to one creature affects all the other creatures. The same is true for us humans. God made us all for connection and relationship. This has astounding implications for the way we live and move in the world.

Selfish ambition is deadly. Scar wanted Mufasa’s and Simba’s place, and would do anything to get it, including murder. It ultimately brought Scar’s demise.

Stick with your childhood vision. Simba had a dream of being king. Once Mufasa died, he gave it up. Fortunately, Nala and Rafiki gave him a wake up call, and he fulfilled his childhood vision of being king.

Forgive yourself. Simba left Pride Rock because he felt he was responsible for his father’s death. He carried that guilt with him for years. But when he confronted Scar and found out that he was responsible, he could let go of the guilt. We all make mistakes, and even though God forgives us, we often find it hard to forgive ourselves. Yet, forgiveness brings more confidence & clarity about what to do in life.

Remember who you are. Rafiki took Simba to the water to remind him that his father Mufasa lived in him. This gave him confidence to return to Pride Rock and take his rightful place as king. In the same way, Jesus, the lion of Judah, and the greater one lives within us. With Him on our side, there is nothing that we can’t do.

What is your favorite lesson from Lion King? I’d love to hear from you!

A Shout Out to Visionary Artist Justin Timberlake

I wrote the following letter and created a vision board for Justin to present during his Man of the Woods concert date on Saturday, January 12, 2019. Due to new security regulations, I could not take these items into the arena, so I’ll just share my thoughts here.

Dear Justin,

I hope this letter finds you, your family, and your team enjoying your summer!

My name is Altronise (Trecie) Williams. I have been a fan of yours since the N’Sync days. We were also in the 1995 Memphis spelling bee together :).

Justin Timberlake and Trecie Williams in the 1995 Memphis and Shelby County Spelling Bee

Back in 2013, I was honored to meet your mom Lynn. She said the main thing she remembered about the spelling bee is asking you to misspell a word so you all could get out of there (lol!). Those contests were notorious all-day events!

Lynn Harless and Trecie at the Justin Timberlake Day event on Monday, November 18, 2013.

I will never forget your kindness toward my sister Sheronda and me at your Man of the Woods concert in Memphis on May 30, 2018. It was one of the best times we ever had at a live event :). We felt yours and your team’s genuine connection with and love for your fans. 

Trecie and Sheronda Williams attend Justin Timberlake’s Man of the Woods Tour concert
on Wednesday, May 30, 2018.

Below is just a token of my appreciation.  Enjoy your vision board :).


Altronise (Trecie) Williams

Potential vs. Purpose

Which one is more important to fulfill? Potential or purpose? The answer makes an eternal difference.

My vision for 2018 was to make room, which called for expansion. One way I wanted to do this was by participating in the Ashley Stewart contest. To prep for this event, I did a photoshoot with photographer Brandon Williams, stylist Tenia Taylor, and makeup artist Ryshonda “Peaches” Harris at Crosstown Concourse on Saturday, May 26, 2018.

I also posted the following video for the contest and planned to attend the July 20-21 dates in Atlanta.

Each day, I was detained. On Friday, July 20, I was headed to Atlanta after an appointment with my mom. The appointment lasted longer than expected, and I would not make it to Atlanta in time for the meet and greet.

I tried again on July 21, 2018, but before I left, Mom asked, “Trecie, did you get your car checked out?” In all my preparation, I had not done this. My car is fairly new, but I knew she was right. I realized could not get my car checked out or make it to the fashion show in time.

I was salty about the situation because my Ashley Stewart plans fell through. So I went instead to get my hair done. The beauty shop owner introduced herself to me. It was a joy to meet and greet her. Later, the owner’s friend approached me and said that the owner wanted prayer but did not know how to ask. I called the owner over to talk further with her about her concerns. She said she was dealing with some spiritual issues in her shop. I gave her two of my parents’ books: Spiritual Warfare Against Evil Altars and Covenants by Apostle Alton R. Williams and Conquering Crises at Work by Elder Sherrilyn Williams. She said the books were just what she needed. I then realized why I did not make it to Atlanta.

There’s a lot we can do. But what we can do and what we should do are two different things.

Pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Church said that Jesus did not fulfill His potential. He fulfilled His purpose. He had all the gifts and could have started his own synagogue, started his own business, and/or done many different activities. Yet, He knew He was here to live, die, and be raised again for all humanity.

In the case of my experience with Ashley Stewart, the contest was potential, but sharing with the beauty salon owner was purpose.

When God’s purpose cross our plans, then our plans must die.

Many are the plans of our hearts, but the Lord’s purpose prevails (Proverbs 19:21).

I have made many plans over the years that have crumbled in the face of God’s ultimate purpose. The Ashley Stewart event was one of them. So I have learned to write my plans in pencil and hand God the eraser. His purpose always turns out better than any plan I could imagine.

When have you yielded to God’s plan instead of yours? What were the results? I would love to hear from you.

Envisioning Better Health? Start Within.

Image result for health
Health is more than eating right and exercising.
It is addressing the well being of our spirits, souls, and bodies.

I attended a City Current seminar with The Biggest Loser trainer Dolvett Quince on September 21, 2018. He said, “Health is four pillars – physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional. If any one of those pillars are off, then the other pillars will suffer.”

I could write the book on what to do to lose weight: drink eight glass of water a day, cut out meat, sugar, and carbs, sleep 6-8 hours straight, etc. Why I wasn’t doing it consistently is the key to addressing the root of my weight issues. I have had to take a tough, honest look at my walk with Christ, my relationships, daily habits, surroundings, beliefs about myself, and more.

Living Out My Vision for Better Health

Since the beginning of 2019, through God’s grace, I have lost over 20 pounds. I am truly thankful. This is a lifelong process. I’m just walking this journey out with Jesus day by day. However, the following life changes have contributed to this result:

I have my quiet time with the Lord daily. I fill up on Him so I don’t have to fill up on food later.

Rick Warren in his Purpose Driven Life book said that while we can resist the devil, “The Bible never says, ‘Resist temptation.’ It says, ‘Flee temptation.'” Kimberly Taylor of Take Back Your Temple said, “The best way to win a fight is to not even get in the ring.” I moved out of my parents’ house and essentially fled food temptation and stepped out of the ring. My food purchasing decisions are completely mine. I no longer have to contend with soul food, cakes, pies, sodas, etc. I think twice before purchasing any of these items for myself because I don’t want to waste money on food that does not serve me.

I strengthened my decision by hiring an accountability partner Trina Sette, CEO of Go for Goals, to help keep me consistent. The three daily goals I routinely set are: follow the Daniel Plan, do 30 minutes of activity each day, and cut off eating after 9 pm. When I am tempted to venture away from these goals, I remember that she will call me at 10:15 am the next morning. I don’t want to come up short, and I don’t want to waste my money. In this way, accountability serves as the bridge between my decision and my results.

Trina also said during our initial call, “Food is not fun. It is only fuel.” I have had to disconnect food from the many other meanings I was assigning to it. It is not fun. It is not love. It is not comfort. It is not relationship. It is not relief from boredom or stress. It is not something to do. It is not a way to deal with my feelings. I can turn to Jesus for help with these concerns. Food’s only purpose is to give me energy to fulfill God’s vision for my life.

My work cutoff time is now 10 pm. This means I can get to bed earlier, get up earlier, and start my day feeling more refreshed.

Questions to Consider if Struggling With Weight

Image result for questions

If weight loss or maintenance has been a challenge for you as it has for me over the years, I ask that you consider the following questions. Hopefully, the answers will help you uncover the root of the issue.

Do you believe that God loves you?

Do you spend time with God daily?

Have you invited God into your weight loss journey?

Do you love yourself?

Do you know how to say no to yourself?

Do you know how to say no to others?

How are your relationships with others? Who energizes you? Who drains you?

How do you handle comments (good or bad) about your body?

How do you handle offense?

Do you feel your voice matters?

Do you ask for help when you need it?

Do you overcommit?

Do you have a vision for your life?

When you fail, how do you respond?

When someone says, “Just one cookie (or chip or whatever food will throw you off your plan) won’t hurt…” how do you respond?

When you decide to pursue better health, do you strengthen it with accountability to someone outside your world to gain and maintain results?

Is your environment set up to help your health goals?

Do you eat for any other reason than fueling your body?

Is there an area of your life where you need to face fear and step out on faith?

Why do you want to lose weight? Is it to better fulfill God’s purpose for you? Or do you want to lose weight for an event? A mate? Appearance? Revenge? To satisfy someone else’s desire for you? Because you know you should? Etc. (Hint: Besides living for God’s glory, none of these other reasons will work long-term.)

Are there any other questions that you think should be added to the list? What’s your health story? I would love to hear from you.

EnVision That Highlights Alton Williams, Jr.

My brother and CEO of Trap Fitness Alton Williams, Jr. turns 27 today.

Alton Jr. is the definition of determination and perseverance. Scripture states in Psalm 34:19 that many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivers him out of them all. I have seen Alton Jr. persevere through many attacks of the enemy and always come out victorious with his spirit intact. I think this is a reason why God gave him the T.R.A.P. Fitness idea. Usually, the area of our greatest attack is the area of our greatest anointing.

This past October, my siblings and I drew names for Christmas Secret Santa gifts. I did not want any gifts. Instead, I wanted to achieve some personal goals. I drew Alton Jr’s name. He was such a source of wisdom, strength, and encouragement to me over those two months. More importantly, I started forming some habits that will serve me well for the rest of my life. A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life. Alton Jr. did both.

Also, my sister Sheronda and I took one of Alton’s T.R.A.P. Fitness classes on Saturday, February 23. We did several strength training workouts that drenched us in sweat. Toward the end of our circuit training, I got weary while doing the pushups. Alton Jr. got on the floor and did pushups with me to keep me going. I will never forget his act of kindness. It showed that Alton Jr. is a team player who is in the trenches with those he serves. It is one of the many qualities that makes him a great leader.

Alton Jr, for all the ways you have helped facilitate my growth and the growth of countless others, thank you! May 2019 be a year of great expansion, growth, and fulfillment for you. I love you to life! God bless!