Accountability Accelerates Vision Accomplishment

Life coach, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Marie Forleo once said......

Accountability separates the wishers from the action takers.

Life coach, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Marie Forleo once said, ďTo be responsible, keep promises to others. To be successful, keep promises to yourself.Ē

For years, I worked 12-14 hour days to help others achieve their goals. However, at the end of the day, I rarely had any energy left for my own. I would start off well with a personal goal but then fall off when life happened or I faced a crisis. I talked about what I wanted to do, but my talk did not always translate to consistent action. I had several goals I wanted to accomplish, and but at times I felt overwhelmed and did not know where to start. I struggled to follow through on my commitments to myself.

  The Game Changer: Trina Sette, CEO of Go for Goals

This all changed when I hired Trina Sette, CEO of Go for Goals Accountability Partner Services. In our first call, she shared hers and her organizationís vision Ė to help people line up with their purpose and get from where they are to where they want to be. I chose five specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely (SMART) goals based on the vision board I created for 2019. Unlike coaches I hired in the past to help me discover my inner voice and find my own answers, Trina holds my feet to the fire and helps me keep my promises to myself.

Trina also calls me rather than text or email me. Why? Texts and emails can be evaded or ignored. A call, however, is real time. It is honest. It is clear that she is giving me her time, and I want to value it. If for some reason I miss her call because Iím away from the phone or the area Iím in is having signal issues, as soon as her voicemail comes through, I call her right back.

If I meet all my goals, calls can last less than a minute. If I donít meet my goals, I simply share what I did and get back on track the next day. If Iím off track too many days, then we step back and rethink the goal. There are no excuses. There is no, ďWell, I got busyĒ or ďI didnít have enough timeÖĒ   Either I did it or I didnít.

I got a week of free calls to try out Trinaís method. It worked wonders. I then purchased another 6 weeks of calls for just $99. Each month after this is only $99. It is one of the best investments in myself I have ever made. I highly recommend Trina and her team to help you reach your goals. For more information, visit

As of this writing, I have recorded 9 videos and written 9 articles within the last 9 days. Why? I know Trina will call me at 10:15 am every morning during the week, and I donít want to come up short. Her consistency inspires mine. I am getting results in a short period of time. The accountability puts a demand on my creativity and focuses me and my time. I go to bed earlier and wake up earlier in the morning to ensure I have time to work on my goals. I get out of my head and just go for the idea in my heart instead of succumbing to perfection paralysis Ė overthinking and overanalyzing my way out of taking action at all. I find unique ways to uphold my personal integrity. With Godís grace and Trinaís call, my vision is coming to fruition. 

Fulfill Godís Vision for Your Life with an Accountability Partner

I encourage you to find someone to hold you accountable for the actions you say you want to take. You may also consider having someone hold you accountable outside your normal circle of family, friends, and coworkers. If you put money on the line, even better. Our money represents our life. Accountability will help ensure you accomplish Godís vision for your life.

Have you ever had an accountability partner? If so, how have they helped you achieve your goals? I would love to hear your thoughts below.