About Trecie Williams

Like you, vision coach and author Trecie Williams has seen the word vision defined numerous ways over the years. Is it a statement of objectives?  Dreaming? Wishing? Goal-setting? Is it meant only for the future? Or is there a different story?

With over a decade of real-life business experience in empowering others for success, Trecie’s view is radically different. Trecie appreciates and shares with clients that vision is not just about a statement or a board on a wall. Vision is for everyone, every day. It is essential, not optional, for our success.

She believes in the power of vision boards to expand us, clarify our dreams, and focus our efforts. Most recently, she created a vision board for her first apartment home on November 30, 2018. That day she signed leasing papers and moved into her first place on her 34th birthday – December 13, 2018.

Trecie is sometimes referred to as “Sunshine” for her ability to uplift and bring joy to others. Others have said that her subtle energy prompts people to “lean in” to listen to her. She is known for her dedication, efficiency and wisdom. She connects with people in an intimate and individual way.

For several years, Trecie has served as executive assistant to Apostle Alton R. Williams and Elder Sherrilyn Williams, overseers of World Overcomers Outreach Ministries Church (WOOMC) and Understanding for Life Ministries (UFL). She also assists in multiple WOOMC departments, including finance, outreach, media, and human resource teams, MoMEANTum Young Adult Ministry and Adelphe So-Royalty – A Christian Sisterhood.

Some of her successes include meeting and interacting with over 50 public figures, including actors Hugh Jackman and Lamman Rucker, The Bible producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, comedians Steve Harvey and Sinbad, and rapper Drake.  One of her vision board creations hangs in gospel singer Jonathan McReynolds’ studio. She has also spoken on the vision board concept for clients including: Amen for Women Ministries and its president Bobbie Hopson (Memphis, TN), Refuge Fellowship Church and its pastor Corlis Lewis (Milwaukee, WI), Let’s Talk Vlog with serial entrepreneur Angie Steele (Memphis, TN), and Circles of Success Learning Academy (COSLA) with principal Sheri Cooper (Memphis, TN).

Prior to her vision coaching efforts, Trecie, a servant at her core, helped produce, edit and publish over 100 UFL titles for Apostle and Elder Williams, including Questioning God, A Roadmap to Life, and Conquering Crises at Work, to name a few. For her 30th birthday, she wrote and compiled two books of her own, including A Celebration of You: 50 Truths About Who You Are in Christ and I AM: 50 Truths About Jesus Christ. She also developed a training for others to learn how to serve God.